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Al Jazeera America
Dec 6, 2013 12:00am EST
by violence and the smile disappeared as the anc leader berated those he held responsible, including f.w. de klerk. for nelson mandela the process was never personal. >> we are not dealing with a man, with an individual. we are dealing with a government with a system. >> as a country was pushed and pulled towards democracy. nelson mandela and f.w. de klerk were awarded the "the new york observer." then on the 27th of april 1, '94. south africans of all political persuasions and colours went to the polls. among them nelson mandela voting for the first time. he became the president of a country in which he had been an outlaw. one in which he said the people now governed. >> on this day, you the people took your destiny into your own hands. you decided that nothing would prevent you from exercises your hard-won right to elect a government of your choice. >> after one term as president, nelson mandela did what few leaders in the contain anti did before, stepping down with humour and grace. >> the time has come to hand over. >> at the age of 78 nelson mandela tirelessly worked to raise mo
Al Jazeera America
Dec 9, 2013 9:00pm EST
europe the at the time supported the anc and the antiapartheid cause joie. >> world leaders coming to pay their respects to nelson mandela, they are the poorest people of south africa whose lives were so impacted by what nelson mandela did. >> he was really the core of his cause. this is the country where 85% of the population, the black population had access to virtually nothing while only a small percentage had access to education and property and wealth. you know in the old days under apartheid blacks couldn't live in the city centers where i am now, they would come in on a daily basis. one of those outsecurities was alexandra township, now fully part of it. just beyond alexandra is the suburb of sandton, probably the richest place on the entire continent, more millionaires in sandton than anywhere else. i went, it wasn't good for 70,000 anyway, but at least double that number live there and some say maybe 3 quarter of a million people live there. there are some houses that the post-apartheid government built, they are small? they have electricity, the streets have lights, but ther
Al Jazeera America
Dec 5, 2013 9:00pm EST
reconsideration was always anc policy. so that it didn't take prison to do that. theory jet stream tried to plague down how badly it was treating the prisoners. this photograph was a staged event. >> you didn't know this was taken. >> no, we didn't know this was taken. >> the government was trying to make him think he was only doing light work, the prisoners had wondered why for one day only the laboring became easy, but it was to get tougher later, the laboring moved to what was an open lime quarry, 13 years of hard toll breaking rock, the dazzling reflection of white stone, damaging their eyesight. when they weren't laboring, they were sometimes allowed visits in this gloomy building, his second wife an activist herself came under a travel babb, one stage mandela waited two years between her visits. >> by regulation, there was a minimum of six months between each visit, and also by regulation, there was no contact. a screen between husband and wife, winny would sit on this side, the communication through a speaker. a maximum of a 30 minute conversation not a second more, and every word of
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)